About Us

Meet the team -

Abi -

The original face behind the Lillian Lacey brand! Star sign Sagittarius (hence while you’ll see so many rainbows and colourful crystals on our website!) Lover of forests, lakes, long walks and travel to far flung places off the beaten track. Tenaciously hardworking but loves down time with our growing family more than anything else.


Carl -

Top notch box maker, order picker, general maintenance man, tea provider, all round superhero and daddy. Nesty little cancer crab through and through. Loves gaming when he finds time and is slowly cultivating his interest in crystals!


Elizabeth –

Prefers to be referred to as T-Rex currently. Libra. Generally makes a mess but gives super hugs when we’re tired and occasionally helps with unpacking tumblestones (until she finds a more interesting activity). Dinosaur shaped crystals are unsurprisingly her favourite!


Klefti -

Is supposed to guard the crystals and supervise operations but mostly just steals things off the shelves and sleeps a lot. Excellent at head tilts and singing.