Geological Information

Arfvedsonite is a mineral of the amphibole group that typically forms as prismatic crystals.

Arfvedsonite crystals are usually dark blue-green to black in colour and have a vitreous to slightly greasy luster.

It's commonly found in igneous rocks such as syenites and phonolites.

Arfvedsonite crystals are also known for their strong pleochroism, meaning they can appear different colors depending on the angle of observation.

Historical Information

It's named after Johan August Arfwedson, a Swedish chemist who discovered it in 1823.

Metaphysical Information

Arfvedsonite crystals can help by enhancing intuition, promoting self-confidence and self-esteem, and aiding in spiritual growth and transformation.

They are also said to help release negative energy and promote a sense of calm and peacefulness.