Crystals A-Z


Afghanite - Calming, clearing, opens third eye, enhances telepathy

African Turquoise - Serenity, evolution, spiritual growth, supports manifestation

Amazonite - Soothing, stress relief, heart & throat chakra alignment

Amethyst - Calming, spiritual & psychic awareness, addiction recovery, sleep

Ametrine - Balancing, harmony, creativity, focus, self-confidence

Angelite - Communication, self-expression, peaceful, supports addiction recovery

Apophyllite - Connection to higher consciousness, inner vision, spiritual growth

Aquamarine - Communication, emotional clarity, creativity, protection, courage

Arfvedsonite - Grounding, clears negative energy, release of emotional wounds

Azurite - Inner vision, psychic awareness, concentration, communication


Bloodstone - Healing, purification, vitality, courage, abundance

Blue Apatite - Communication, clarity, inspiration, manifestation, deep meditation

Bronzite - Protection, grounding, self-esteem, concentration, resilience

Brucite - Calming, emotional healing, allowing, emotional balance


Carnelian - Creativity, confidence, motivation, vitality, abundance

Charoite - Transformation, spiritual insight, intuition, protection, courage

Chrysoprase - Clarity, support in personal evolution, joy, emotional balance

Cavansite - Spiritual growth, intuition, creativity, courage, communication

Citrine (heated) - Abundance, manifestation, creativity, self-confidence, clarity


Diopside - Regeneration, emotional balance, healing, flexibility, forgiveness

Dioptase - Emotional healing, transformation, clarity, heart chakra alignment

Dumortierite - Mental clarity, discipline, purpose, self-expression


Fossil Stone - Connection to the past, grounding, awareness, transition support


Galena - Grounding, aligns physical and etheric bodies, harmony, stability

Garnet - Passion, clarity, abundance, empowerment, manifestation

Garnierite/Green Moonstone - Intuition, emotional balance, enhance relationships, abundance


Hackmanite - Light activation, inner transformation, emotional support

Hematite - Grounding, balances energy, stress relief, manifestation, blood circulation

Hiddenite - Unconditional love, forgiveness, emotional balance, higher consciousness

Howlite - Patience, calmness, emotional expression, artistic inspiration


Kunzite - Healing the heart, emotional balance, alignment with higher self


Labradorite - Intuition, balances aura, transformation, inspiration, manifestation

Lapis Lazuli - Inner truth, expression, spiritual journey, self-awareness, wisdom

Lazulite - Connection to higher self, spiritual growth, vision, emotional balance

Lepidolite - Calming, emotional balance, transition support, self-awareness

Larimar - Soothing, calming, communication, creativity, goddess energy

Luxurianite - Connection to earth, calming, grounding, empowerment


Malachite - Transformation, healing, protection, abundance, emotional balance

Malacholla - Higher spiritual vibration, protection, emotional healing

Mookaite - Grounding, emotional balance, motivation, decision making, abundance

Morganite - Love, emotional balance, communication, optimism, attunement


Opalite - Communication, inspiration, manifestation, intuition, transitions


Palm Root Fossil - Strength, protection, grounding, past life connections

Peridot - Cleansing, prosperity, emotional healing, manifestation, self-realization

Prehnite - Inner peace, emotional balance, transformation, spiritual insight

Preseli Bluestone - Transformational journeys, connecting to earth, ancient wisdom

Pyrite - Manifestation, prosperity, creativity, vitality,protection


Rainbow Fluorite - Focus, clarity, creativity, intuition, emotional balance

Rhodonite - Soothing, emotional balance, forgiveness, relationship healing

Rhyolite - Emotional balance, insight, self-realization, healing

Ruby - Passion, vitality, manifestation, courage, abundance, self-love

Ruby Zoisite - Inspiration, self-awareness, intuition, emotional balance, creativity

Rhodochrosite - Love, emotional healing, self-awareness, manifestation, creativity


Scapolite - Inner peace, balance, clarity, transformation, confidence

Selenite - Cleansing, protection, spiritual connection, clarity, emotional balance

Septarian - Transformation, protection, emotional balance, deep healing

Shattuckite - Intuition, communication, spiritual insight, calmness, self-awareness

Shungite - Protection, balancing energy, spiritual insight, purification, emotional healing

Sardonyx - Stability, courage, self-control, motivation, good fortune

Sodalite - Inner truth, emotional balance, intuition, self-trust, communication

Stromatolite - Ancient wisdom, grounding, transformation, emotional balance

Syenite Eudialyte - Stability, grounding, emotional balance, clarity, inner truth


Topaz - Manifestation, creativity, joy, self-esteem, emotional healing

Tremolite - Calming, supports epigenetics, connects heaven and earth


Unakite - Emotional healing, self-love, abundance, self-awareness, grounding

Unicorn Stone - Magic, transformation, manifestation, emotional healing, intuition