Ethics policy

Ethics -

As a graduate of International Development and a long term resident in several developing countries across East and South Asia, issues surrounding ethics and sustainability are extremely close to Abi's heart. Through her ongoing communications with specialists in the field of Natural Resource Management and a constant thirst for knowledge in the field, we as a brand are able to make informed decisions about who and where we source our items from with confidence.

We hope to be able to revisit some of the countries we source from in the near future. However, in the mean time we are making as many mindful and deliberate steps as we can towards ensuring the items we source are mined and produced without substantial harm to the land or the humans involved in the process. We also hope that in the coming years we can do our part to push through legislation which makes the sourcing of crystals a more transparent industry where those engaging in it are held fully accountable if they do not adhere to the rules (so watch this space).

Where do we source from?

The majority of our crystals tend to be sourced from UK wholesalers who have their own ethics policies and longstanding relationships with the miners they buy from. However, if we do buy directly from countries of origin we search for regions which have no recent history of child labour or conflict related to mining. We also try to source from countries which actually have established labour legislation in place.

Nothing is perfect of course. It is very difficult to know who to trust at times without proper international legislation being in place. However, we are constantly striving to learn all we can about the industry to make the most well informed choices we possibly can. We absolutely promise that we will never sell you a 'fairytale' or utilise information we know not to be accurate (which we're sorry to say is rife amongst wholesalers and small businesses alike, albeit sometimes unknowingly). So, please if you want to have an honest conversation or need advice, feel free to get in touch and we will try our very best to help.

We hope that gives you a sense of what we are all about and what we stand for :) And if you've got this far, that means you clearly do care a lot about these issues, so thank you!