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Pink Amethyst Crystal Tower Polished Point, 14cm

Pink Amethyst Crystal Tower Polished Point, 14cm

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A large polished pink amethyst tower from Brazil. This is the EXACT crystal you will receive!

Pink amethyst is relatively rare, and is primarily found in only a few locations around the world, including Argentina and Brazil.
It is a form of quartz that gets its color from trace amounts of iron and manganese. It is found in volcanic rocks and is formed through hydrothermal processes.

Pink amethyst crystals are believed to promote emotional healing and help with feelings of anxiety and stress.
They are also said to enhance intuition and creativity. Pink amethyst can be used in meditation to promote feelings of peace and tranquility.


Your pink amethyst tower will come beautifully wrapped in paper-based padding and recycled tissue paper.

This piece is 14cm x 5cm x 3cm roughly



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