Caribbean Calcite

Geological Information

Caribbean calcite is a mix of pale blue calcite and brown aragonite which resembles the beautiful sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

Historical Information

It was discovered in Pakistan in 2019.

Metaphysical Information

A calming stone, Caribbean Calcite encourages us to live in the present moment. It offers Relief from stress and anxiety and promotes restful sleep and lucid dreaming."

Caribbean Calcite possesses incredible spiritual and emotional benefits, making it a popular choice among meditation enthusiasts.

This stone is believed to be a key to unlocking our inner vision and connecting us to our higher selves, providing us with a sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

By using Caribbean Calcite during meditation, we can enhance our psychic abilities and clairvoyant gifts. It helps us to access our intuition, gain knowledge, receive inspiration and ultimately move forward towards personal growth.