Geological Information

Cavansite is a mineral that belongs to the zeolite group.

It is commonly found in the cavities of basaltic rocks.

Cavansite crystals are typically blue or green in colour and have a tetragonal crystal system.

They are composed of calcium, vanadium, silicon, and oxygen.

Historical Information

Cavansite crystals were first discovered in 1967 in Malheur County, Oregon, USA.

They are named after the first letters of the elements in their chemical composition.

Metaphysical Information

Cavansite crystals promote inner peace, enhance intuition, and facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

They are also believed to help with meditation, promoting a sense of harmony and balance, and easing feelings of anxiety or stress.

Cavansite crystals can be used for spiritual growth and awakening, as they are said to enhance spiritual awareness and facilitate the development of psychic abilities.