Geological Information

Dioptase is a hydrated copper silicate with a chemical formula of Cu6Si6O18·6H2O.

Dioptase is a secondary mineral that forms in the oxidation zone of copper deposits.

It is typically found in desert regions such as the Congo, Namibia, and Kazakhstan.

Dioptase crystals are known for their vibrant green colour and high luster.

Historical Information

Dioptase crystals are a mineral species that were first discovered in 1797 in the Altai Mountains in Siberia.

Metaphysical Information

Dioptase can help to stimulate spiritual growth and enhance intuition, while others believe that it can promote healing and balance in the body.

Additionally, dioptase crystals are often used in meditation practices as a tool for increasing focus and clarity.

Dioptase can help to release negative emotions and promote forgiveness and compassion.