Green Banded Calcite

Geological Information

Banded green calcite is a form of calcium carbonate that is typically found in sedimentary rocks.
It is often associated with other minerals, such as quartz, pyrite, and fluorite.
The characteristic banding in banded green calcite is caused by the presence of different impurities in the mineral.
These impurities can include iron, magnesium, and other elements that create distinct layers of color within the calcite.

Historical Information

Pakistan is known for producing some of the finest green calcite specimens in the world, particularly from the Killa Saifullah District in Balochistan Province.


Metaphysical Information

This stone is said to assist in releasing old emotional patterns and negative energy, allowing one to move forward with a sense of peace and clarity.

It is also believed to help with communication, both with oneself and with others, by promoting self-expression and empathy.