Geological Information

Hiddenite is a green variety of spodumene, a mineral that belongs to the pyroxene group.

The green colour of hiddenite is due to the presence of chromium ions within the crystal lattice.

Hiddenite crystals are often found in pegmatite formations, which are coarse-grained igneous rocks that form from the slow cooling of magma.

Historical Information

Hiddenite crystals are a variety of spodumene mineral, first discovered in North Carolina in 1879.

They were named after William Earl Hidden, a mineralogist who recognized them as a separate mineral species.

Metaphysical Information

Hiddenite crystals, when placed on the heart chakra, can promote feelings of love and compassion.

Hiddenite crystals can help stimulate the immune system and promote physical healing.

Additionally, hiddenite crystals are thought to help with emotional healing and balance, particularly when dealing with issues related to the heart or relationships.

Hiddenite crystals can help with manifestation and abundance, helping to bring prosperity and success into one's life.